SOUTH-West Thunder's plans for a base at Captain Cook Oval look ambitious but not without precedent. The Thunder currently play out of Clive Berghofer Stadium and have an office on Brook St but don't have a set home as such, one for all operations from administration to training and playing throughout the age groups. The new base, which is forecast to cost $4million, would include a club house, tiered seating along with playing fields. It would certainly provide a great home for the Thunder and football on the Darling Downs. Plans with that projected cost are certainly ambitious but good on Thunder administrators for thinking big and planning for the future. Hopefully the dream can become reality but it is bound to take a lot of work and good fortune. The Thunder need look no further than Clyde Park and the Toowoomba Hockey Association for motivation in pursuing their dream of a quality home. Clyde Park has some great playing facilities that are international standard and are alongside an impressive club house in Club Glenvale. It is a great home for hockey in Toowoomba and ensures the sport has a strong base with which to operate from for years to come. The Thunder will hopefully turn their plans into facilities at it will be a great home for football for the future.

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